Simon Hegele’s HighTech division becomes independent

The Simon Hegele Company for Logistics and Service mbH is transferring its’ "HighTech Transport" division to the company "Simon Hegele HighTech Transport & Service GmbH", which was founded for this purpose.

Stefan Ulrich, Managing Partner of Simon Hegele Holding: "Starting from Germany, we have successfully built up a unique European distribution network for sophisticated devices in recent years and are among the leading providers in this segment. We believe in the attractiveness of our services as well as the enormous growth potential. Therefore, this step is now the logical consequence for us!“ The HighTech-services are based on a distribution network specifically tailored to the transportation and assembly of packaged and unpackaged high-quality goods/products. Customers benefit from the integrated approach and concepts specifically tailored to individual customer needs: Experienced specialists coordinate the flow of goods from the production site to the point-of-use. The service technicians, who are trained in advance on the customer product, are not only responsible for the distribution of the goods with special vehicles to the end customer, but also for the installation, commissioning and customer-specific special services. For manufacturers, this eliminates the burden of complex coordination between various service providers and at the same time improves service.

The direct connection to the European distribution and assembly network TENESO and the associated possibilities in the European area are unique in this market segment.

Eckard Kurz, Managing Director of Simon Hegele HighTech Transport & Service GmbH, sees considerable efficiency advantages for equipment manufacturers: "We come into play where KEP service providers and classic carriers reach their limits and are therefore interesting to any manufacturer of sophisticated equipment, who distribute and assemble Germany and Europe wide. We offer everything from a single source!“

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