360° competencies – Our contribution to your success

Simon Hegele HighTech Transport & Service GmbH is one of the market leaders in the field of high-tech transportation and offers its customers, in addition to transportation, highly specialized value-added services tailored to the respective customer processes.

The following modular 360° service portfolio presented below makes Simon Hegele HighTech Transport & Service an integral part of the value added chain of its customers.

Inventory Management & Warehousing

Managing stocks is not an isolated sub-task. In times of high demands for availability, individualization and quality as well as fluctuating demand, the goal is to achieve good performance of the entire supply chain. For this reason, we ensure a quantity-, time- and quality-optimized material supply for our customers in our modern logistics centers.

Pre-Installation / Customizing

Depending on customer and product requirements, we also make technical configurations or software refueling in addition to mechanical pre-installations.

Service building blocks:
Mechanical pre-installations
Technical (pre-)configurations
Software refueling

Customized Packaging Solutions

We have been developing customized packaging solutions for decades.

The topic of sustainability plays an important role in this case. We create individual reusable packaging or work with the customer to develop solutions for reducing packaging material.

This effort has also given way to one of our core competencies - unpackaged transportation. The high-tech products can be transported unpackaged, but still well protected. Our packaging specialists develop customer- and product-specific transportation frames for this purpose.

Service building blocks:
Reusable packaging
Reduction of packaging material
Unpacked transport
Product-specific transport frames

Project & Rollout Management

Our experts accompany and control the rollouts from planning through project implementation to reconsideration. The findings from detailed site visits in the run-up to the rollout are taken into account during planning. We take over the control of all trades involved in the rigging and installation and thus offer you an all-round service at the highest level.

Service building blocks:
Planning, implementation and review of rollouts
Site visits
Control of all trades

Transport to the point of use

In addition to the assembly and installation of high-tech goods, the transport to the point of use is the core performance of our service portfolio. We bring the high-tech goods exactly where they are used later and thus significantly minimize the coordination effort of our customers.

We offer our customers a comprehensive transportation network with guaranteed transit-times. Appointment deliveries, time window agreements or technician rendezvous - we design every delivery according to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Service building blocks:
Transport to the point of use
Comprehensive transportation network
Guaranteed transit-times
Appointment delivery
Time window agreements
Technician rendezvous

Assembly, Installation, Application, Disassembly & Return

One of the great additional values for our customers is that after the transport to the point of use, we also take over the assembly and installation of the high-tech goods directly. Our drivers are highly qualified fitters who assemble and commission the goods directly on site after detailed product training. On customer request, functional tests as well as the instruction of the users are carried out on site.

Based on the 360° service concept, used equipment can be dismantled and returned in the same move.

Service building blocks:
Assembly, installation & application
Highly qualified fitters
Functioal tests
Instruction of the users

Repair & Refresh

If a used device has been dismantled and returned by us, an assessment will be made in one of our logistics centers. We evaluate the device along a customer-specific inspection process. On the basis of this assessment, it is decided whether the equipment is reprocessed and placed in the secondary market, whether it is used for the production of spare parts or whether a feed is made for recycling.

Service building blocks:
Findings and evaluation
Spare parts production

Disposal according to WEEE

In the event that it was decided in the before mentioned process steps that the old device had to be disposed of, we take over the disassembly of the respective devices into recyclable fractions. We take care of a serial number-related disposal certificate and the preparation of environmental auditing.

Service building blocks:
Disassambly of old equipment
Serial number-related disposal certificates
Environmental auditing

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