Roll-outs of UMTS multifunctional housings

Roll-outs of UMTS multifunctional housings

Through the unique, all in one, service portfolio and employees' knowledge the Simon Hegele HighTech Transport & Service GmbH supports its customers in all phases of the supply chain while enabling them to focus on their core competencies.

This showcase gives an insight, how high-tech services are precisely tailored to the roll-outs of multifunctional housings and successfully implemented. In this showcase, Simon Hegele is responsible for all value-added steps outside the customer‘s core business and for organizing the roll-outs of multifunctional housings as well as for controlling the flow of goods. Simon Hegele also provides on-site services, including transport, preparation, installation including anchoring and installation.

The initial situation

Roll-outs of multifunctional housings are a decisive prerequisite for meeting all the requirements of state-of-the-art nodes in broadband network expansion. This ensures the availability of information and communication services for the end customer. Planning, transport, assembly and installation are outside the core competencies of the suppliers, tie up many resources and lead to increased process costs. This may result in extended delivery and installation times or a high utilization of the company’s own technical staff.

The goal

In this case, the focus is on faster implementation of roll-outs and thus optimization of logistical processes and associated costs.

The solution

Through the targeted bundling of services, the entire project planning, transport, roll-out management, assembly and completion of the stations were transferred to a qualified and flexible supply chain service provider. Simon Hegele takes care of all steps from consulting and order processing, pickup and delivery including the corresponding coordination, to setup and feedback to the client. By taking over the technician services, the customer's technician structures can be relieved and the direct commissioning is carried out by experienced experts. Thus, all SCM steps are in one hand, whereby roll-outs are quickly implemented and the entire process flows and costs are optimized by means of direct, digital order processing.

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